Training & Transitioning

Train. Practice. Become Great.

You have to train! Great athletes train constantly to gain an edge. Great musicians never stop practicing. Great artists never stop learning and improving.

It should be the same with your Student Government!

It's not enough to offer a one-day training retreat for your new officers and members!

How can we expect to be an efficient and effective SG unless we intentionally train our members?

ASGA offers many training resources from retreat templates, workshops, and facilitation services, to training manuals and transitioning guides.

Training and Transitioning

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SG Retreat Facilitation

ASGA expert presenters can lead your summer, fall, or mid-year retreat.

SG Consulting GroupThe SG Consulting Group offers a wide variety of specialty programs to address the specific training needs of your officers, members, and entire organization. We also can develop a program specifically for you:

For Executive Officers
- Administration and delegation
- Meeting facilitation and preparation
- Principle-centered leadership and decision-making
- Training and inspiration of others

Legislative Sessions
- Consensus thinking and action
- Meeting management when you're not the manager
- Parliamentary procedure training
- Educated policy-making

Specialty Training
- Creating an SG from scratch
- Developing a regional alliance between multiple institutions
- SG-image enhancement and public relations
- Improving relations between students and the administration

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