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Don't Start Over from Scratch!

There's no need to reinvent the wheel! ASGA has developed step-by-step guides to help you improve your Student Government on everything from how to make students care about your SG to surveying your students to how to improve your SG web site.

Through ASGA's two assessment tools, determine how good your SG is and where you have room for improvement. Take the SG Effectiveness Test and the Administrator Test and get a "grade" for your SG.

If your SG is starting over or needs to reboot, see Recharge My SG.

SG Toolbox

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Assessment Tools

  • Effectiveness Test

    Effectiveness TestFind out how your SG stacks up against the best in America. Determine your current strengths & weaknesses. Get a grade for your SG.

  • Test Your Administrators

    Administrator TestFind out just how SG-friendly your college or university really is and how you can improve that relationship.

Recharge My SG

  • Start Over or Reform

    Start OverPerfect if you're reforming your SG, creating a new SG, or just need help getting your organization back on track.

Great SG Documents

  • Templates & More

    Compare your documents to SGs at similar schools, see templates, examples of great documents, and get private consulting & support.

ASGA Webinars

  • Get Training Without Traveling

    ASGA WebinarsASGA offers free one-hour Webinars to ASGA members. Sign up for the upcoming ASGA Webinars, or stream previous Webinars at your convenience.

Student Leader Articles

  • Student Leader Magazine

    Student Leader magazine is no longer published, but many articles published between 1993 and 2007 are available through ASGA.

Step-by-Step Guides

  • How to Make Students Care

    Make Students CareNo more excuses about students being apathetic! This guide will teach you how to make your SG relevant.

  • How to Get What You Want

    This 6-step guide will help your Student Government get what it wants.

  • Better SG Meetings

    Better SG MeetingsDon't settle for poor meetings anymore! Enhance your SG meetings, make them shorter and most efficient and effective. Get your meeting critiqued.

  • Training & Transitioning

    SGs need training! ASGA offers everything from retreat templates, workshops, and facilitation services to training manuals and transitioning guides.

  • Publicity & Marketing

    Publicity and MarketingDevelop a marketing plan that will make students notice, pay attention, develop a "brand", and ultimately care about your SG.

  • SG Finance

    SG leaders need to be able to manage money as well as pass legislation and lobby on issues.Become a "good steward" of those funds entrusted to your SG.

  • SG Election Resources

    Election ResourcesIncrease voter turnout, get more candidates to run, reconsider the dates/times of your elections, avoid election snafus.

  • Surveying Students

    Find out what students really want from your SG. Learn how to connect with your constituents.

  • SG Salary Survey

    SG Salary SurveyShould SG leaders get paid? If so, how much? What are the norms nationwide?

  • SG Discount Cards

    How to create an SG Discount Card to help your fellow students save money and get more respect for your SG.

  • SG Web Site Tune-Up

    Web Site Tune-UpDoes your SG web site need big-time improvements? Here's what every SG web site should include.

  • Power Check Up

    How powerful Is your SG? Where does the power come from? Can it be taken away? How do you get more power?