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Of the thousands of SG Web sites across America, about 99 percent are unspeakably bland, bereft of content, and even slower-loading than most drop/add lines at registration.

But the truth is any SG site must have a real reason for existing and should offer information that will inspire your students first to go there, then to come back.

Does your SG Web site need a little work? Is it slightly or horribly outdated? If so, ASGA can help you improve your Web site.

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SG Web Site Tips

Here's what your SG Web site must include if you want students, and even your senators, to actually visit:


Web Site Tune UpBasics that must be included in any SG Web site.


Web Site Tune UpExtras to include when your site is already established.


Web Site Tune UpBonus services that really make your site useful.