Grade Your SG

What Is Your SG’s Grade?

What makes a great Student Government? The super SGs have 13 key characteristics in common.

ASGA's "SG Effectiveness Test" can help you quantify your SG's strengths and weaknesses and let you see how you stack up against the best in the nation.

The Effectiveness Test is a benchmark that indicates what your grade is right now, which will help you make improvements and enhancements to better serve your fellow students.

NOTE: All members of your SG, as well as administrators, should take the Effectiveness Test. Then you’ll have a true grade for your SG.

SG Test

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The SG Test

What is the "Effectiveness Test"?

It’s an assessment of your SG’s strengths and weaknesses. When you complete the 13-question test, you will have a grade for your SG. Be honest and objective.

Before you start boasting, even the finest SGs in the nation have lots of room for improvement.

Test Tools

Take the Test

Take the TestGet a grade for your SG. You must be an ASGA member to take the test.

Who should take the test:
  1. Each SG officer and member
  2. Your advisor(s)
  3. Administrators (president, dean of students, student activities director)

ASGA stores test results in your school profile. As an ASGA member, you can review the scores and create an "average" grade for of your SG.

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