Power Check Up

How Powerful Is Your SG?

ASGA StudentsMost SG leaders are idealists: we think we can change the world. But reality is more pragmatic. Even the greatest Student Governments in the nation are limited in their power and influence.

Our goal should be to determine what powers we have and where they come from (and can they be taken away) so we can wield those powers effectively to improve our institution.

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The SG Test

Power Check Up Tools

Superman was born with his powers. Batman had to earn them and learn to use them. Your SG is like Batman.

Step-by-Step Guide

This 6-step guide will help your Student Government learn about, gain, and use your powers.

  1. Is your SG like Superman or Batman?
  2. What are your powers?
  3. Where did your powers come from?
  4. Learn to use your powers
  5. Can your powers be taken away?
  6. Are you a player on campus?