Test Your Administrators

How SG-Friendly Are My Administrators?

This test identifies the top 11 characteristics that make for an SG-friendly administration. It was developed by Chris Jachimowicz, an ASGA "Ask the Experts" panelist and partner in The SG Consulting Group.

Decide how well your administration meets these ideals and then give it a score. But be honest! It won’t help to put all the blame for a current situation on the administration’s back. It takes two to make this relationship work.

Then you can consult the "scoring guide." You can then decide how to either thank your administration for their assistance or decide how you can begin to build a better relationship.

Admin Test

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Admin Test

Build A Better Relationship

Effective governance on most college campuses hinges on a positive relationship between Student Government and “The Big A,” the administration.

SG-friendly administrations are easy to spot. Administrators are easy to talk to, treat student leaders as peers in the governance process, respect the SG’s autonomy, and value SG’s input on key institutional decisions.

Like any other relationship, this one requires a lot of give and take. If the administration shuts you out of all decisions, it’s next to impossible to serve your constituents. But if the administration sees you as an equal partner in governance, your SG better meet expectations and deliver the goods.

Test Tools

Take the Test

Find just how SG-friendly your administrators really are. You must be an ASGA member to take the test.

  1. Each SG officer and member should take the test
  2. Your advisor should take the test
  3. Administrators (president, dean of students, student activities director) should take the test.

ASGA stores all of the test results. As an ASGA member, you can review the scores and create an "average" score.

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Now What?

Take these steps to improve your relationship with your college/university administration.

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