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ASGA has compiled America's number-one resource to help student leaders improve and enhance their campus campaigns and elections.

You'll learn how to win your next campaign (and win ethically), increase voter turnout, recruit more candidates, promote your elections, offer your elections on-line, and more.

Members can search for details on campus elections at any school in the nation, including when elections are held, election codes and rules, spending limits, and much more.

Check out the "SG Election Process" section of the SG Database.

SG Election Resources

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SG Election Resources
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Eight Tips to Boost Your Turnout

What is Average Turnout Nationwide?

SG Inauguration Ceremony

Election Questions & Answers

Campaigning Do's & Don'ts

Turning On Voters

Election Tools

  • Powerpoint
    • 53 Tips to Improve Your Student Government Elections
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  • Webinar Videos
    • 53 Tips to Improve Your Student Government Elections
    • Is There a Better Way to Run SG Elections?