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  • eBallot

    eBallot is a voting platform that specializes in providing easy, fair, and secure ballots and voting events. Since 2001, eBallot has helped organizations - from unions to award shows - run successful elections, enact new policies, and make smarter everyday decisions.

    Address: 251 18th Street, #704, Arlington, VA 22202
    Phone: 844-632-8683

    Web: eBallot
  • Election Trust

    ElectionTrust is a unique resource for election administrators. Created in response to growing demand for improving the way people vote, we have brought together veteran professionals and proven technology to offer innovative balloting solutions for every private sector election challenge.

    Our election managers have executed 'mission critical' votes for a wide variety of clients, including: national political party conventions; corporate governance balloting; Congress-mandated tax referenda; and professional association leadership elections.

    And our state-of-the-art technology has been proven to deliver 'issue-free' balloting every time. Whether your vote requires a traditional mail-in paper ballot, an interactive 'touch-tone' telephone ballot or robust online eBalloting -- or a hybrid combination of balloting platforms -- we are dedicated to delivering a simple, fair, efficient, private and secure election.

    Address: Main P.O. Box 1902
    Bellevue, WA 98009 
    Toll Free: 888-246-0263
    Phone: 206-860-5191
    Fax: 206-331-3827

    Web: Election Trust