Add My SG Officers/Members

Add Information About Your Student Government Officers & Members

Officers and members at each institution are included in the SG Database, including their titles, majors, years in school, workload with SG, compensation, gender, race, and other parameters

You do not have to be an ASGA member to complete this survey

  • Please complete and submit the online form below OR download and fill out the PDF version. Then either 1) print out and FAX the completed PDF form to 352-373-8120 or 2) email the completed PDF form to You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader to view, fill out and save the form.
  • ASGA MEMBERS: Before completing this survey, login and check your institution's profile in the SG Database. ASGA may already have the information you're providing.
  • ASGA MEMBERS: If you are entering information for more than one officer/member, use the Multiple SG Officers/Members form rather than filling out this form multiple times.

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