"SG Test" Scores

University of South Florida/Tampa (USF) - SG Vice President, 04-05

Position:Vice President
Term of Office:Vice President, 04-05
#1 Do you really represent students?: 2-4 (voter turnout is 10-19%)
#1 Actual Score:4
#2 Do you survey your students?: 5-7 (you do surveys occasionally, but not scientifically)
#2 Actual Score:7
#3 Are you organized, professional, and responsible?: 8-10 (team promptly returns calls, office is tops, never miss meetings)
#3 Actual Score:9
#4 Do you network with your peers?: 8-10 (on several e-mail lists, statewide groups, attend SG conferences)
#4 Actual Score:9
#5 Do you have a transition plan?: 2-4 (some transition materials, current officers meet with new ones)
#5 Actual Score:4
#6 Do you have strong governing documents?:
#6 Actual Score:5
#7 Are you willing to sacrifice?: 5 (entire team, including senate, strives for excellence in every area)
#7 Actual Score:5
#8 Do you put your group above yourself?: 2-4 (most of group has a servant mentality, few involved for personal gain)
#8 Actual Score:4
#9 Do you take your advisors advice?: 5 (SG advisor is skilled and knowledgeable, rely on counsel)
#9 Actual Score:5
#10 Do you have a signature SG program or service?: 7-10 (have a top program/project that every student knows SG for)
#10 Actual Score:8
#11 Do you focus on winnable issues?: 3-6 (have some projects for completion during your term)
#11 Actual Score:6
#12 Do you make serving fun?:
#12 Actual Score:8
#13 Do you have vision?: 5 (SG takes on multi-year projects, preps successors)
#13 Actual Score:5
Total Score Range:71 to 80 (Room For Improvement)
Total Score Actual:79