"Administrator Test" Scores

Bakersfield College/Bakersfield (BC) - SGA President, 05-06

Term of Office:05-06
#1 Seeks SG input on important issues: 4-6 (SG is occasionally consulted on student life issues)
#1 Actual Score:5
#2 Supports leadership training with money: 4-6 (SG pays for majority of training, the school helps if asked)
#2 Actual Score:4
#3 Aids in the trans and install of SG officers: 2 (A few administrators--like SG advisor--notes new officers)
#3 Actual Score:2
#4 Has an open door policy: 7-9 (Higher-level administrators willing to schedule time for you)
#4 Actual Score:8
#5 Ensures student participation on college committees: 7-9 (SG has reps on most academic and student affairs committees)
#5 Actual Score:7
#6 Includes SG in finance issues: 7-9 (SG may review school budgets and spending decisions)
#6 Actual Score:7
#7 Respects SGs decisions: 7-9 (SG has a sphere of control in which decisions unchallenged)
#7 Actual Score:8
#8 Balances expectations of responsibility with education: 7-9 (Administration patiently waits for decisions from SG)
#8 Actual Score:7
#9 Provides adequate space for SG offices: 7-9 (SG has ample space for meetings and business)
#9 Actual Score:9
#10 Treats student leaders as colleagues: 4-6 (Some administrators have a rapport with SG leaders)
#10 Actual Score:6
#11 Includes SG activities in external pubs: 3-4 (SG is able to call PR to cover certain events)
#11 Actual Score:3
Total Score Range:51 to 75 (Public Relations)
Total Score Actual:66