SG Strengths/Weaknesses

University of South Florida/Tampa (USF) - SG President, 04-05

Category: Budgeting/Funding Groups, Strengths, Strengths/Weaknesses
Strength Details:1. Budgeting/Funding Groups
We have an incredibly thorough process for allocating the $8.2 million Activity & Service Fee budget. First of all, this year the entire budget process was put online in a very user-friendly format that even allows the group access to their previous year's request within the form. Our Activity & Service Fee Recommendation Committee (ASRC) is made up of Senators, Comptrollers, Business Office staff, and an Executive Branch representative. Each committee member meets individually with each group submitting a budget to make sure all provisions are followed and then that committee member becomes an advocate for that group when their budget comes up for discussion in ASRC.