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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) - SGA "Students First" Program


Have you ever had a faculty or staff member that you felt did not get the proper recognition that he or she deserved? The Student Government Association's (SGA) main goal is to help enhance the quality of students' life by actively seeking and acting upon students' concerns. The SGA and the Division of Student Affairs are working together to make the university experience better, together they have initiated the program "Students First".

Students First is a program that is designed to allow students the ability to recognize staff and faculty members every month. This program allows the student body to nominate faculty or staff members that students feel are dedicated to their educational and career goals and go above and beyond to always put students first. To nominate someone go to the Student Government Association website and enter the required information along with a short description of why you have nominated that faculty or staff member. At the end of every month, the votes will be counted and the top five nominees will be presented with an award from the Student Government Association and Student Affairs. Help show our faculty and staff here at ERAU that the students appreciate their hard work and dedication.

To nominate someone go to: http://sga/StudentsFirst.php