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Safe Ride program gets revamped to avoid misuse

Hannah Surber

Issue date: 7/20/10 Section: SGA
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Safe Ride is a service provided by the Student Government Association (SGA) which helps give Embry-Riddle students free transportation back to their residence when they feel they are in an unsafe situation. This year, the SGA plans on improving the program to help students, the SGA and the Safe Ride cab drivers. Already in the works is the implementation of Eagle Card swipes in Safe Ride cabs to create less hassle for students using the program and for the cab drivers. The card swipes will also help the SGA keep track of Safe Ride abusers who misuse the program as a free taxi service.

During the summer semesters, the SGA has kept busy on the Safe Ride program by reprinting all Safe Ride cards for current users so that all their information is up to date. In the works is a possible short quiz, (3-5 questions) which would be given prior to the student receiving their new Safe Ride card. The quiz would be very simple with the questions coming straight from the terms and conditions of the Safe Ride program each student is responsible for reading before getting their Safe Ride card. Currently, the terms and conditions of the Safe Ride program are as follows:

• To use the Safe Ride service between the hours of 6pm and 6am Monday through Friday, and 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

• Understand that Safe Rides taken from the ERAU Daytona Beach Campus will result in a flat fee of $8 and an additional $1 for each additional student to the same location.
• To present my Safe Ride card and Eagle ID to the driver before getting in the vehicle.

• Understand the start and destination of the Safe Ride must be north of Dunlawton Blvd., south of Granada Blvd., and east of I-95.

• Understand non-Safe Rides are also offered between these boundaries for a flat fee of $8 and an additional $1 for each additional student to the same location.

• Safe Rides originating from ERAU Daytona Beach Campus will have a flat fee of $8.00. If a student feels unsafe, they will inform the Campus Safety office.

• If found abusing the Safe Ride program, I understand that I will be brought up on judicial charges by the Student Court and disciplinary sanctions may be imposed. Please refer to University Sanctions within the Student Handbook.

• To accept responsibility of my Safe Ride card. If my Safe Ride card is lost, I will pay a $25 fee to replace the card.

• I am also responsible for all policies and regulations outlined in the student handbook.

Violation of any of the statements outlined above, or violation of any written or verbal communication or sanction regarding the Safe Ride program, may result in the immediate termination of any Safe Ride card.