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Bakersfield College/Bakersfield (BC) - SGA Job Descriptions

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Student Government Association of Bakersfield College and is the primary student representative to administrators, faculty, and staff. The President is also responsible for ensuring students play a role in the participatory governance process. The President's duties include: Chairing the Student Senate Executive Council, chairing the Student Center Fee Advisory Committee, chairing the Student Representation Fee Advisory Committee, appointing student members for service on various College and District policy-making work groups.


Vice President
The Vice President shall manage the day-to-day operations of the Senate and shall report to both the SGA President and Advisor. Additionally, the Vice President shall assist all committees and members of the Senate in any SGA affairs.

The Secretary shall be responsible for coordinating, managing, and maintaining all records and public relations material generated by the Association. The Secretary shall work to establish proper and responsible record keeping and public relations procedures, and provide general office support to the Association. The Secretary also chairs meetings of the Communications Committee.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for depositing, supervising, and reporting to the Executive Council and Student Senate the expenditures of the Association's funds. She shall be the custodian of all Association funds. The Treasurer also chairs meetings of the Finance Committee.

General Counsel
The General Counsel shall be responsible for coordinating, managing, and recording all matters regarding justice and legality. The General Counsel shall work to establish proper, responsible, efficient, and effective methods of administering justice.

Legislative Liaison
The Legislative Liaison shall act as a liaison to the community, county, state and federal legislative agencies and advocate student needs to these agencies. Also, the Legislative Liaison shall keep the Student Senate informed of any local, state, or national legislation affecting the community colleges and/or students directly. The Legislative Liaison also chairs meetings of the Legislative Affairs Committee.

Activities Liaison
The Activities Liaison chairs meetings of the Activities Board, and acts as liaison between that body and the Student Senate. As such she coordinates on-campus student activities such as Welcome Week, Homecoming, and Spring Fling.

Senate Representatives shall work to sponsor and establish proper, effective, and responsible legislation for the betterment of the student experience at Bakersfield College.

Commissioners At Large may be appointed to serve on one or more committee(s). Commissioners At Large are not permitted to vote in any official Senate meetings but are strongly encouraged to attend and give reports.

Information Courtesy of BC SGA Website