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Bakersfield College/Bakersfield (BC) - SGA Discount Card


SGA Discount Card

Want to save BIG bucks during the school year? Then purchase a SGA Student Discount/KVC Card where you will get 10-50% off discounts from local vendors which include Denny's, Rollerama, Quiznos, retail outlets, gyms, and many more!!

Along with the savings from over 300 local vendors you'll be available for, you also get:
• 10 FREE Scantrons
•  2 FREE Blue Books
• One time, up to 10 FREE copies, in the CC-4
• 2 FREE faxes, up to 6 pages each time, in the CC-4
• 2 sets of FREE football home tickets for the whole season

*** Added to the KVC Discount Card list***
Disneyland Resort! (click here for the link)
Office Depot! (click here for the link)
Pick up your purchased discount card in Campus Center 4