Student Government Details

University of South Florida/Tampa (USF)

SG Name:Student Government (SG)
SG Shipping Address:4202 East Fowler Avenue, MSC4300
SG City Name:Tampa
SG State Zip/Postal Code: FL 33620-6150
Country:United States
SG Phone:813-974-2401
SG Fax:813-905-9993
Description:USF Student Government is comprised of over 250 student volunteers and employees. We are here for you, the student body, to serve your needs and be your voice.


Some of the things we offer for you are...

  • Involvement and experiences
  • Services
  • Resources
  • Job opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities

To learn more about SG, visit us at the fourth floor of the Marshall Student Center.


Executive Branch
Executes programs and initiatives

Legislative Branch
Writes and implements rules and laws

Judicial Branch
Responsible for appeals and interprets rules


Safe golf cart escorts on campus at night

Bulls Radio
Student radio programming and remote DJ services

SG Computer Services
100 computer workstations and free prints

Programs & Traditions

  • SG Involvement Kick-Off
  • Bulls Blitz (free rides to home games)
  • USF Day
  • International Festival
  • Apartment Business Expo (ABX)
  • Mr. & Miss USF Pageant
  • Marshall Study Center
  • SG Tailgates
  • Legal Aid
  • Signature Event Funding
  • DJ Services
  • Free Student Planner & Handbook
  • University Wide Committees
  • Memorial Ceremony
  • College Readership
  • OUR Shirt
  • Shirt Exchange
  • Rally in Tally
  • Street Team
  • Student Body Elections
  • Senate Elections
  • Free On-Campus Printing
  • Off-Campus Housing Services
  • SG Welcome Back BBQ
SG Representation:Only Undergraduates
Number of Members (range):250+
Number of Members (actual):250
Number of chartered clubs:200-500
Budget Amount Allocated to Clubs/Orgs:Yes
SG annual budget (range):$10M+
SG annual budget (actual):$18,000,000
SG operating budget (range):$750K+
SG operating budget (actual):$2,000,000
SG Corporate Structure:Official campus organization housed on-campus
SG Structure:Bi-cameral
SG Political Leaning:Moderate