Student Government Details

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU)

SG Name:Student Government Association (SGA)
SG Acronym:SGA
SG Shipping Address:600 South Clyde Morris Boulevard
SG Office Location:Student Center Room 104
SG City Name:Daytona Beach
SG State Zip/Postal Code: FL 32114
Country:United States
SG Phone:386-226-6045
SG Fax:386-226-6083
Other Social Networks/Websites 1:
Description:“The goal of the Embry-Riddle SGA is to enhance student life through the provision of services, events, and representation while providing a means for students to communicate with our university’s administration.”

The Student Government Association is a diverse organization with a focus on YOU. Everything we do, we do for you as students. We are unlike any other SGA; Embry-Riddle has one of the most diverse SGAs on the face of the planet. We are uniquely composed of a collection of divisions, branches, and auxiliaries; all of which provide a special service to the students. Our branches ensure that you have the representation, protection, and voice that you deserve as students of the university while our divisions provide you with campus news and entertainment in the form of campus programming, a newspaper, and a radio station.
While we do hold high standards and expectations of our members, we are always thrilled to welcome new members to our organization. The rewards of being an SGA official are limitless. Not only are you given the power to initiate the change you see fit for your campus, you are given the opportunity to change the lives of every student here at Embry-Riddle, including your own. During your time with the SGA, you will make connections and develop crucial skills, you will meet people, make lifelong friends, and you will leave an ever-lasting mark on campus.

SG Representation:All Students
Number of Members (range):25-50
Actual Size of SG Organization - Executive Branch:15
Actual Size of SG Organization - Legislative Branch:15
Actual Size of SG Organization - Judicial Branch:8
Number of chartered clubs:200-500
Actual Number of Chartered Clubs:243
Source of Budget:Activity Fee
Budget Amount Allocated to Clubs/Orgs:Yes
SG annual budget (range):$750K-2M
SG annual budget (actual):$854,000
SG operating budget (range):$100K-250K
SG operating budget (actual):$179,262
SG Corporate Structure:Official campus organization housed on-campus
SG Structure:Tri-cameral
SG Political Leaning:Very Liberal