SG Advisors/Administrators

University of South Florida/Tampa (USF) - Gary Manka

Full Name:Gary Manka
First Name:Gary
Last Name:Manka
Type:Co-advisor (main)
Actual Title:Director, SG Advising, Training & Operations
Department or Organization:Student Government Advising, Training & Operations (SGATO)
Job Description:Gary Manka serves as the Director for Student Government Advising, Training & Operations at the University of South Florida, Tampa campus. He earned his A.A. in Liberal Arts from Miami-Dade Community College; his B.A. in English-Creative Writing from the University of South Florida; and his M.S. in College Student Personnel from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio where he worked for 23 years in leadership and student activities roles before relocating to USF in 2008. Gary is married with two grown daughters, and loves films of all sorts.

As the formal leader of the Student Government Advising, Training and Operations team, Gary mainly oversees the operational areas that include human resources, outcomes assessment, strategic planning, leadership development for students and staff, policies, procedures and governance issues. He also instructs the leadership minor class, Leadership in the Political Context.

Top Five Strength Finder Results: Arranger, Relator, Communication, Achiever & Responsibility

Major:College Student Personnel; English
Colleges Attended:Miami-Dade Community College; University of South Florida; Miami University
Colleges/Universities Attended - Undergraduate:University of South Florida
Colleges/Universities Attended - Graduate:Miami University
Highest Degree Attained:Bachelors, Masters
Race:White non-Hispanic
Length of service to current SG:30+ years
Experience as an SG advisor:30+ years
Work load with SG:Full-time
Weekly hours worked for SG:31-40
How paid:Administration
Compensation Range:$40K-75K