SG Advisors/Administrators

Bakersfield College/Bakersfield (BC) - Zav Dadabhoy, Ph.D.

Full Name:Zav Dadabhoy, Ph.D.
First Name:Zav
Last Name:Dadabhoy
Actual Title:Vice President of Student Affairs
Department or Organization:Student Affairs
Major:Educational Leadership and Innovation
Colleges Attended:University of Colorado Denver
Highest Degree Attained:Doctorate
Race:Middle Eastern
Length of service to current SG:5+ years
Actual Length of Service to Current SG:8 years
Experience as an SG advisor:30+ years
Actual Length of Experience as an SG Advisor:30 years
Work load with SG:Part-time
Weekly hours worked for SG:0-5
How paid:Administration
Compensation Range:$40K+