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  • Can we make money on selling t-shirts for an event?

    In the fall we had an event called "fish pong" and we had shirts made for the event. We decided to sell them for 10 dollars at the event. We sold a few but not many and now we are stuck with more then a few. We decided to then try to sell them for 8 dollars at a later date and only 5 were sold. No one is currently taking action on getting them out of here and we are losing money because of this. What i am wondering is if the panel had any ideas of how we can get them out to the students with out costing a lot of money, along with a fun activity to go along with it? The main idea is to get the shirts out (I'm not concered about making enough money to match what we have already spent on them, but some would not be so bad).


  • Do town halls work as a publicity tool for SG?

    Do town halls work as a publicity tool for SG?  


  • How can I get more students to know about Student Government and what it can do for the student body?

    How can I get more students to know about Student Government and what it can do for the student body?


  • How do we change a bad image/reputation?

    How do we change a bad image/reputation?  


  • How do we get students to respect SG?

    How do we get students to respect SG?  


  • How many SGAs nationwide have their own "logos"?

    How many SGAs nationwide have their own "logos"?


  • Should SG leaders gets special recognition at graduation ceremonies?

    I was wondering if there were any sort of cords or special type of graduation decoration for Student Government members. We have many members graduating, and it only seems appropriate that they be recognized. Any information regarding this would be much appreciated.


  • Should SGs have letterhead and envelopes?

    At a Senate meeting a few weeks ago, our Secretary briefly discussed the need for our Student Government to purchase professional letterhead individually designed for us to make it official, envelopes in a similar mold, and other office supplies. Some of the members of the Senate, expressed resistance for the letterhead and also the envelopes. I wanted to ask you for your advice on it.


  • Should students be able to use the college logo/brand on t-shirts and promotional materials?

    Visual standards have become an interesting issue for the my college. At the present, all publications/promotional items which bear the name of the college or its initials must follow strict guidelines as published in the schools visual identiy guidlines and apparell guidlines. Where student clubs and organizations conflict with these guidlines are as follows:

    * The guidlines are too restrictive, and prevent student clubs from manifesting their creativity to the fullest.

    * The apparel logo is: tacky, inflexible, does not meet the needs of the students, recently designed by a consulting firm with little or no student input

    * The Visual Guidlines are: restrictive to two fonts Garamond/Helvetica; colors available for use are few; subject to the aproval of the office of Institutional Advancement and not Student Affairs

    As a student government, we understand and appreciated the worth of a brand and visual identity, and it is not our purpose or intent to do away with these guidlines. What we are looking for is for more flexibility for student organizations to use the college's name on t-shirts and publications... but we are stuck at an impasse. What has occured is that because clubs have not been able to produce things with the schools name on it, t-shirts, publications, and items have been produced without the colleges name on it, and hurting the overall community. We want to move the approval of student use of the college's identity to the office of student affairs (student activities director/dean of students/vice-president for enrollment management) but don't know how to approach this.... Help US ASGA!


  • Should students be allowed to use the SG copier and computers in our office?

    I had heard that SGA equipment and offices was not for public/student use. Lots of people are using our computers and copier in the SGA office.