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  • Are there any laws requiring that private colleges have a student government?

    Our new president got rid of our Student Council some time over the summer, from what I heard. I was curious if there are any Federal or State Education laws protecting students and Student Councils / SGAs or student bodies of the same effect from such action from a President or even Board of Directors taking this unnecessary, rude, and as cliche as it may sound, "Un-American" action.


  • Can you justify the importance of Student Government on a campus?

    I was just hoping you could help on a couple of topics I'm dealing with here.  As I told you earlier, we've no college president, and the dean/VP for student life was let go last semester. I've been in something of a holding pattern for a little while.  We have a new academic dean who is sort of in charge of student life stuff now, but  she is infamiliar with how SGA works here, so I have to brief her on  that.  Do you have a powerpoint or similar outlining the importance of a  college having an SG, the benefits of SG and perhaps some structure info
    on how SG fits into the administrative structure at other colleges?  I  am working up one for us, but having some other concepts or models would help.

    I don't want to chew up your time, I know your busy, but if you've got something you've used or know of another college that has worked on this type of thing, basically "justifying your SG's existence," I'd take anything you've got.  I've found some articles on student leader and
    asga that have helped some already.


  • Do any private institutions have student votes on the board of trustees?

    We are working on is trying to get a student spot on the board of trustees. If you have any advice on how to go about this, I am not sure if most schools do this?


  • Do any SGs report directly to the board of trustees instead of to the dean of students?

    I was wondering if you had any statistics about the number of Student Governments that report directly to a College or University's Board of Trustees. Currently, my school has a student representative on the Board of Trustees, but the Student Government is considered a club. Our goal this semester is to make the Student Government completely autonomous and report directly to the Board of Trustees rather than the Dean of Students.


  • Does Student Government have a "right" to exist on every campus?

    Does Student Government have a "right" to exist on every campus?


  • How do I create an extra nursing class for my college? I don't know how to go about it.

    A student asked this question after one of my workshops at the National Leadership Conference on Student Governments in St. Louis: "How do I create an extra nursing class for my college? I don't know how to go about it."


  • How do students get a vote on the board of trustees?

    My Student Government is interested in gaining a student voting member on the College's Board of Trustees. Is this possible? What does it take to add a student member to the board? Is it worth our time and effort?


  • How do we evaluate our university president's performance?

    Our Student Government has just been asked by our board of trustees to evaluate the university president. Our BOT did not give us any specific guildlines on how to do this process, and, as far as I can tell, little precedent exists. Last year, our student body president, during a teleconference with the BOT, lambasted her for not being "available" enough to students. As you might imagine, his approach did not produce much fruit, particularly because he came at her with such hostility. My question is: What criterion should we be evaluating our president on? She seems to have met her acadmic/research goals for our university and achieved her goals in that sense. However, many students are unaffected or indifferent to her goals, as progressing as a research institution affects a minority of students directly. Moreover, she is not student-oriented– but I find that hard to hold against her when our predecessors have behaved unprofessionally. Any guidance on what to evaluate her on would be fantastic. I simply have no idea what a "great" university president looks like. Could you suggest some criterion or refer us to a school who has an incredible president? Thanks!


  • How do we make administrators understand the importance of SG?

    I work at a small private college. It had been a diploma school of nursing for 100 years. It has been a college of nursing for the past 15 years. I came to work here after working 14 years at a university. The culture shock has been significant to say the least. I started SG 5 years ago and it is still viewed by many administrators as a “subversive” group. I have explained many times that the students do not want to run the college, they just want a voice so that their concerns and issues can be heard.  I was in a meeting yesterday where the registrar stated, after hearing that the students would not get to weigh in on the matter of the number of tickets each senior gets for graduation, “Halleluiah! Finally a decision is being  made without the students voice.”  I have talked myself hoarse trying to make administrators understand the importance of SG. Any suggestions?


  • How does our SGA get to sit in on the administration's "President's Council" meetings?

    My (I am an advisor) Executive Council of the College's SGA has proposed that the SGA President attend the administration's President's Council meetings ( the President, VPs and Deans, and the Faculty Senate President attend). The proposal was met with a NO and no real explanation. I think the idea is a good one, I'm just not sure how orient the dialog to reframe shared governance. The SGA isn't asking to be a voting member.