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  • Can I remove a "rogue" secretary of our Student Senate?

    I have a secretary who has put me down in an email to a dean he is trying to impress and keep on the good side of. This is undermining to the executive board and he may be influencing others as he feels he has dual relationships to satisfy. I say it is a conflict of interest, that he cannot satisfy his own need to satisfy the dean at the same time that he serves on the senate for the good of the students. What are my options in dealing with this rogue secretary? I would like to replace him or somehow curtail his behavior.


  • How do I motivate executive council members?

    I have an apathetic executive council (VP, treasurer, secretary, etc.). How do I motivate them?


  • How do we improve relations between Greeks and ethnic minority senators?

    As our SGA vice president, I have the responsibility to chair our senate. This year, as in most years in the recent past, our SGA Senate is dominated by students from our ethnic student organizations and members of fraternities and sororities. I’m worried that this year, after a highly contentious election last year, that the Greeks and the students of color are going to do political battle all year. Do you have any strategies on how to improve the working relationships between the Greeks and our ethnic minority student senators?


  • How do you get senators who aren't really connecting to SG motivated to buy into the vision of the organization?

    How do you get senators who aren't really connecting to SG motivated to buy into the vision of the organization?


  • What does it mean to be an effective student senator?

    As a SGA advisor for the past decade, I have spent many hours on the phone and sending emails to other SGAs regarding best practices. The immediate need is locating articles that speak to "how to be an effective student senator" and/or "student senators’ general scope of authority."


  • What is the purpose of an SG "retreat"?

    What is the purpose of an SG "retreat"?


  • Why can't I get along with my vice president?

    I can’t seem to get along with my vice president. He’s always acting up and speaking against me during various campus meetings. At times, he thinks that he’s the president! I’m not sure what to do, but this is getting out of hand. Last week we sat through a meeting with the provost and we couldn’t agree on a thing. I think the administration is going to start not listening to us. What should I do?