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  • Are there any students serving on City Councils around the country?

    Have you heard of any SGA trying to push for this, and if you have, could you get me any information on it?


  • How do you work with your state legislators?

    How do you work with your state legislators?


  • Is there a national organization that is an advocate for students across the country?

    I looked up your organization because I was trying to find an organization that might be some sort of advocate for students at various campuses around the country. I thought you might be able to provide me a little guidance in finding an organization interested in any injustices that students might face when working with their respective colleges/universities. (Ex: skyrocketing costs of education, colleges failing to deliver on their promises to students, etc). I am really struggling to find an outside organization that can objectively counter the strong position decision makers at a college have right now.


  • Will this petition help us get more printers for the library on our campus?

    I recently have put together a draft of a petition I would like to start circulating around my campus.

    The gist of the petition to urge our President to make available more printers in our library. Currently, for a student body of more than 2,000 part-time and full-time students there are only three (3!) printers in the library. This is simply not enough by any measure; hence, students are constantly in disarray trying to print papers, do research, etc.

    By the means of the petition I am looking to get as many signatures as I can and present it to the President.

    Attached is a sample petition I have created, would I be able to ask you to look it over and please provide any feedback? I would sincerely appreciate it and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.