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  • Block tuition: How should SG respond?

    What kind of tuition policy does your school have?

    The University of Florida's Board of Trustees recently discussed implementing block tuition for UF undergraduates. If the proposal passes, this would require students to pay for 15 credit hours each semester, regardless of how many classes they actually plan to take. Board members say the plan would encourage more students to graduate in four years (currently, only 52 percent do so), would bring in extra revenue, and might allow the school to increase enrollment.

    Many UF students working full- and part-time jobs are opposed to this proposal. These students often don't take full course loads because they can't afford to do so. Having to work long hours to support themselves also limits the amount of time they can dedicate to their studies. Working students don't want to pay for classes they aren't taking, or be coerced into taking more courses than they can handle in a term.

    How are your schools "packaging" your tuition, and how have these policies affected students? If any of you have block tuition policies, how has that worked out for students? If the student body has grievances, has your Student Government responded?


  • Does changing your residency away from your parents affect insurance/financial aid/loans?

    Can someone prove to me-- or show me where to find-- evidence that changing your (a college student's) residency away from their parents to a location at school affects insurance coverage/financial aid/loans....or at least explain to me that argument?


  • How do I explain to other students why our institution won't increase our library hours?

    I’ve spent the last year or two working with university officials to improve our school’s library hours. However, the hours are still not at 24/5 as some students would like. There has been a renewed interest in extending the hours and along with it a renewed frustration that, as an institution of higher learning, we still lack a 24/5 library. While I understand this sentiment, the past two years have taught me a lot about just how complex of an issue it is on our campus, especially since the library hours were originally restricted because students weren’t taking advantage of them. I have a meeting coming up with student leaders where I want to do my best to explain this to them but I’m afraid that it will make me sound obstructionist or that I’ve thrown in the towel on this issue. I was hoping you could give me some advice for toeing this line.


  • What is the best "smoking policy"?

    I am just wondering what different colleges/universities' smoking (or no-smoking) policy is. Four years ago we made all campus buildings including the residence halls non-smoking, but now are having problems with smokers crowding the entrances to buildings were the overhangs are. Any suggestions? Thanks!|