What if our question is delicate and we don't want the answer provided to all ASGA members?

Q:What will you do if our Ask the Experts question is "delicate" and we really don't want your answer repeated to the rest of the ASGA members?

A:Simply put, we'll abide by your wishes.

It's our hope that all questions asked can be answered in our "See the Answers" archive in the "Ask the Experts" section. We want all of the other members to benefit and learn from the answers our panelists provide to you and other members.

But if you're adamant that revealing the answer will hurt you and your SG, embarrass you, or cause undue stress or concern, our team will of course not reveal the answer.

We can provide the answer anonymously in the archive, if the answer doesn't refer to your institution specifically. If the answer is so specific that anyone reading it would know instantly which school you're from, then we won't post it in the archives.

We don't want to embarrass you or cause you trouble or concern.