Shouldn't ASGA take stands on important issues?

Q:Don't you think it's pretty "wimpy" to not take a stand on important issues, knowing that ASGA serves Student Governments nationwide?

A:No, absolutely not. ASGA, as a matter of principle, has chosen to not champion specific issues and not lobby. There are very specific reasons for this philosophy, and our position can be "justified."

ASGA desires to be a resource to ALL Student Governments, to help ALL SGs become more influential and effective on their campuses.

It is our position that we can't accomplish this goal AND lobby and champion issues. We have chosen to focus on being an information, networking, training, and research resource for all Student Governments nationwide, without regard to their politics and issues.

This philosophy, we believe, will over time allow us to have greater impact in helping Student Governments become more effective in the long term. When SGs are more effective locally serving their own campuses and student bodies, they will be more effective on broader issues. And that's when they can choose to champion specific issues and causes that matter to fellow students, on a local, state, and national level.

It takes courage and committment to stick with a stance, which is what ASGA is doing.