How private is the data we provide to ASGA for the database?

Q:How private is the information our SG and school is providing to ASGA to be included in the SG Database? Can non-members ever access this information?

A:Your data is private and is for the use of ASGA members and sponsors only.

If you're uncomfortable in providing any information, please let us know and we won't ask for that specific data on your institution.

It is our intent for as much information about your institution and your SG as possible to be included in the SG Database, so that others can learn from you. Also, we view this SG Database as a "repository" of information on your school and your SG so that your successors can have easy and quick access to this data, which is probably not available at your SG's web site.

Non-members can not access your information and will not be given access to this information, ever.