How do you gather the information in the SG Database?

Q:How do you get the information on Student Governments and colleges and universities that is featured in the SG Database?

A:To gather the information that you see on colleges, universities, and Student Governments that appears in our vast SG Database, ASGA calls, writes, e-mails, mails, faxes, and visits the web sites of Student Governments and colleges and universities nationwide.

We also ask you to complete the surveys found in the "Add to SG Database" section of the ASGA web site. You can complete these surveys even if you're not an ASGA member.

ASGA employs six full-time researchers who spend more than 14,000 hours a year researching and maintaining the data we store on every institution in our database, whether they're members or not. It is a vast undertaking and is never ending. ASGA uses all information at our disposal, including the SG web sites, the college web sites, social networks, college newspapers, college directories and handbooks, and many other resources to gather this information. It is searchable by our members in our "SG Database" found at www.asgaonline.com. ASGA's SG Database is by far the most accurate, thorough, and deep repository of SG information that has ever been assembled in the nation's history. It constantly gets deeper and more accurate, as every day our team updates information. We're currently updating information on every institution in the state of Massachusetts, having recently completed Delaware and Pennsylvania. We literally update information every nine months for every institution in America, whether they're ASGA members or not.