Are these questions "real"? Did ASGA members really ask them?

Q:Are these "Ask the Experts" questions for real? Did ASGA members really ask them?

A:All questions asked after the launch of ASGA were actually asked by real ASGA members. Sometimes the members are identified if they give approval, and sometimes the questions are anonymous.

Before ASGA launched, several dozen of the questions in the "See the Answers" archive were asked and then answered by the panelists themselves. They're "real" in that our panelists personally chose them as logical and appropriate questions that could be useful to our entire ASGA membership.

Knowing that ASGA launched in Spring 2004, it was our goal to have an existing archive of useful answers to common questions already in place. So some were ours based on our experience and discussions with others, and others were from ASGA Founding Members and visitors invited to review the pre-launch web site.