SG Elections

Bakersfield College/Bakersfield (BC) - 2005

Voter Turnout % Range:1-5%
Voter Turnout % Actual:2.23%
Spring Voter Turnout Actual:2.23%
Spring Voter Eligible Voters:14,083
Spring Voter Actual Number of Voters:314
Spring Voter Election Year:2005
Unopposed:President, Other
Elections Fall Month:October
Elections Spring Month:March
Number of Election Days:4
Times Polls Are Open:8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Time Polls Open:8:00 a.m.
Time Polls Close:4:00 p.m.
Number of Polling Places:One (1)
Who Runs Elections:Elections Board
Online Voting Offered:No
Online Voting Description:


Candidate System:Individual
Candidate Recruiting Description:While all candidates are individually elected, they can choose to run on a slate. There are no political parties dedicated to election of student government officers, though there are Republican and Democratic clubs on campus. Some candidates are recruited from among the pool of senators that have served the previous school year, but students who have no previous student government experience have also run (and won).
Candidate Recruiting Eligibility Requirements:

Requirements for an Elected Officer

According to California Ed Code 76061, a student who is elected to serve as an officer in the student government of a community college shall meet both of the following requirements:

  1. The student shall be enrolled in the community college at the time of the election, and throughout his or her term, with a minimum of five-semester units, or it's equivalent.
  2. The student shall meet and maintain the minimum standards of scholarship prescribed for community college students by the community college district.
Candidate Recruiting Nomination Filing Procedures:

Filing Eligibility

  1. Each candidate must have a cumulative Bakersfield College GPA of at least (2.0).
  2. All candidates declared ineligible to run shall be notified by the BCSGA Advisor.
  3. Any candidate on disciplinary, academic, or social probation will not be eligible for candidacy unless otherwise permitted by the Assistant Director of Student Life or Dean of Students.
  4. All candidates may hold office for a maximum of four semesters (fall and spring).
  5. No candidate shall serve on the Elections Committee.
  6. Candidates may only file for one office at a time.
Groups Controlling SG Elections:Ethnic Group, Political Group, Special Interest Group, Other
Campaign Spending Limit Range:Less than $250
Campaign Spending Limit Actual:$75
Term Length:One school year
Term Period:June 1 - May 31
Term Period Begins:June
Term Period Ends:May