SG Elections

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) - 2004

Voter Turnout Trend:Rapid increase
Voter Turnout % Range:20-30%
Voter Turnout % Actual:30%
Spring Voter Turnout Actual:30%
Spring Voter Election Year:2004
Elections Fall Month:September
Elections Spring Month:March
Number of Election Days:2
Days Elections Held:Monday, Tuesday
Times Polls Are Open:48 continuous hours during elections
Number of Polling Places:5-10 in addition to labs and personal computers
Locations of Polling Places:Student Center, Academic Buildings, and Residence Halls
Who Runs Elections:Elections Board
Description of SG Elections:Article VII: Election Process
Section 1. Election’s Committee Chairman
It shall be the duty of the SGA President to appoint an Election’s Committee chairman no
later than the 2nd week of the Spring semester. The appointment shall be approved by
both a 2/3 vote of the SRB and a separate 2/3 vote of the SFB. Should either body fail to
approve the appointment with a 2/3 vote, then the appointment fails.
Section 2. Guidelines
The elections shall follow the Student Election Committee Bylaws; any changes to the
Student Election Committee Bylaws must be done in accordance with the procedure
outlined within the Student Election Committee Bylaws.
Online Voting Offered:Yes
Online Voting System Used:Developed the system through the school's IT/MIS department
Online Voting Description:Vote now at!
Candidate System:Tickets
Candidate Recruiting Description:Qualifications to be appointed or elected to an Official position


  1. Must not be on academic or judiciary probation as defined in the current University Catalog and Student Handbook.
  2. Must have and maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (CGPA).
  3. Must attest, in writing, to the intent of remaining a registered student pursuing not less than six credit hours for the Spring and Fall semesters on the Daytona Beach campus throughout his/her term in office.
  4. Meet all other requirements as set forth in the Student Election Committee Bylaws for the position they are running for.
Groups Controlling SG Elections:Other
Campaign Spending Limit Range:Less than $250
Campaign Spending Limit Actual:$100 per candidate ($300 aggregate for Executive Tickets)
Term Length:One Year
Term Period:Summer, Fall, and Spring following elections