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Looking Good on Paper But Feeling Overwhelmed in Real Life
Identify it, Clarify it, Visualize it. Achieve it.
Being a Leader, Full Schedule of Classes, Where Do I Fit in?


Being a Leader, Full Schedule of Classes, Where Do I Fit in?
by Kimberly Kirven, © 2002
Chair of Marketing, former AHUM SOCS Senator 2001-2002
Being in a leadership position develops you, drains you, makes you wonder why you ever wanted in the first place, gives you your greatest natural high... the list can go on. But no matter what, sometimes even a leader needs a little help. The University of Denver offers some programs that can help you gain leadership qualities while developing your personal self and still keeping your sanity.

Passport to Success – These series of leadership development seminars for the busy student were offered Winter and Spring Quarter 2002. If continued, the Fall Schedule will be posted as it is received.

Center for Spirituality - offers various group meditation sessions for you to find center again in the middle of your busy schedule.

Franklin-Covey Planners and Books – No, the University or AUSA Senate does not endorse or recommend that you buy anything from this site or even visit it. The FrankinCovey planning system works with you to develop what matters most in your life through organizing yourself and your true goals to live your life's purpose.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey may help get you to understand what matters most in your life.

Remember, you need to have self-confidence in yourself to be able to lead the one person that matters in the start, YOU. If you don’t believe in and can't manage yourself, then how can you lead anyone else?

Set goals for yourself and your organization. Where have you been? Where do you see yourself now? Where do you want to be? Know your past, your present and your future. Visualize where your end goal. Otherwise, how will you know when you’ve reached your goal?

But hey, it's college and your life! Put things in perspective and let yourself be happy and succeed.


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