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Press Clipping: Texas State University ASG brings in ASGA consultant

Texas State University ASG brings in ASGA consultant

Posted by Warren Schorr, KTSW News

This week ASG started its restructuring process by bringing in a consultant. The consultant, Butch Oxendine, made his first visit to campus to meet with as many people in ASG so he could gather as much information possible to form his report. Oxendine talked about his visit and some positives about ASG.

“The point of this visit is to meet with student leaders, and administrator students so I understand the campus culture, situations student government is facing and then I’ll write a report with advice. Lots of positive here growing enrollment,  potential of great administrators support of this government,” said Oxendine.

“Once ASG gets its goals figured out and a long term strategy there’s a chance they could be one of the best student governments around.”

This is the start of a multiple month process in which the consultant will advise  and write a  report  of advice which will be upwards of 150 pages and will include advice on how ASG can improve. ASG holds meetings each Monday in the Theater room on the 4th floor of LBJ and 7 pm and students are encouraged to attend.