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Press Clipping: Southwestern Christian University Student Council to now become SGA

Christian University Student Council to now become SGA

Southwestern Christian University is joining several other colleges and universities around the nation with membership into the American Student Government Association, according to Brad Davis, Vice-President for Student Life at SCU.

The President’s Cabinet gave its formal approval to change the existing structure of SCU’s Student Senate to a new Student Government Association model. This move will allow SCU to share in an abundance of resource ideas and tools that are gathered by the ASGA.

“It’s going to be great for our university as a whole,” Davis said. “Now our students can communicate with other student government groups around the nation to address issues that are important to today’s college campus.”

ASGA is the professional association for collegiate student government across the United States. It gathers information on trends in higher education, including the number of women and ethnic minorities, as well as trends in election turnout, and compensation paid to elected student government officers and members. ASGA has nearly 1,300 member student governments at the nearly 5,000 institutions across the United States.

“We are really excited about the opportunity this presents for us,” Kyle Mickleburgh, SCU’s Student Government President, said. “The vote was unanimous by all members of our officers. It will help us move our organization to a more responsive level by helping better connect the governing body with the students it serves.”

Mickleburgh says that the membership with the new organization will include improved ways to poll the student body, run elections and generate fundraising ideas.

Since 2005, ASGA has produced 100 conferences for student government leaders and advisors. Over 3,000 students and administrators attend 10 ASGA conferences each year. Nearly 700 student leaders attend the National Student Government Summit annually.

Posted on Thu, July 31, 2014 by Justin Tinder