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Press Clipping: Manhattan College - Student Government takes a trip to New Orleans for American Student Government Association Conference

Student Government takes a trip to New Orleans for American Student Government Association Conference

February 21, 2023
By Kelly Kennedy

On the weekend of Feb. 11, some of the members of student government took a trip down to New Orleans, Louisiana to attend the American Student Government Association (ASGA) Conference.

ASGA is the only organization in the nation that focuses only on student government training, hosting conferences throughout the year in many cities across the country, according to the ASGA New Orleans website.

The students who attended enjoyed their time in the vibrant city and learned to work collaboratively.

"The conference was super enlightening and educational," said America Pineda, a senior International Studies major who serves as the Vice President of Communications. "It really led us to think about how to work more cohesively as a team, and what to look for when creating new events. It also taught us how to put personal differences aside and focus on creating the best environment for the student body possible."

"The goal of the conference is to provide all Student Government leaders and advisors with networking, research, and information to improve themselves," wrote Michael Steele, the assistant director of Student Engagement who attended the trip as the faculty advisor. "The students decided on New Orleans because more than 200 student leaders and advisors from all types and sizes of colleges and universities were attending."

At the nearly 10-hour conference on Saturday, Feb 11, the MC students listened to speakers who spoke about topics such as leadership and improvement, according to the ASGA website.

"It started at nine in the morning and it was filled with talks about how to better our Student Government and how to make a difference within our schools during our elected term," Mackenzie Lauture, a business management major who serves as Vice President of Residential affairs.

This conference also gave the students the chance to meet and network with people involved in student government at colleges all over the country.

"We were able to meet with other elected boards from schools across the country and discuss how we each operate," said Lauture. "The conference allowed for collaboration and inspiration, in regard to going back to campus with new ideas."

The student government officials who attended the trip to New Orleans not only attended the ASGA conference, but had a wonderful time exploring the city and building friendships.

They landed Friday afternoon, spent the night exploring the city before the Saturday conference, and then got back on a plane Sunday to be ready just in time for their Monday classes.

"We really tried to make the most of it," said Lauture. "We watched a parade and saw some sites. My favorite parts of the trip would have to be spending time with the other girls on the E-board."

It is safe to say that these students came back from New Orleans with a fresh mindset and many great ideas for upcoming events this semester.

"Something that I got from the trip was the idea that communication is important and can only help situations," said Lauture. "When people take the time to communicate, we can be more productive, collaborative, and understanding."