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Press Clipping: Lafayette College Student Government Minutes


Minutes 4-25-12
Posted on May 3, 2012 by Cody Zaccagnino 



The meeting was called to order at 6:02 pm

Motion to approve the Minutes from 4/18/12

Motion: Cody

Second: James

Motion Carries

14 members were present.

Caroline Lang                                    President                                                            Present

Sarah Roberts                                    Vice President                                                            Present

Mahmoud Djindjev                        Treasurer                                                            Present

Cody Zaccagnino                        Secretary                                                            Present

Michael Prisco                        Academic Affairs Chair                                    Present

James Kugel                                    Campus Student Services Chair                        Present

Georgia Papagianis                        Multicultural Affairs Chair                                    Present

Kiefer Cortez-Mecham            Representation Chair                                                Present

Connor Heinlein                        Student Life Chair                                                Present

Warren Szewczyk                        Student Organizations Chair                                    Present

Adam Chernicoff                        Representative                                                            Present

David Kafafian                        Representative                                                            Present

Kelly Sposato                                    Representative                                                            Present

Kathryn Tanenbaum                        Representative                                                            Present

Whiting-Turner representatives gave a presentation on the construction going on at Lafayette, specifically the quad project. The plan is to replace old pathways and add new brick and bluestone pathways, enhancing landscaping and trees, and updating storm water management systems. The first priority of Whiting-Turner during construction is to maintain safety and security in the interest of the active campus. W-T will also be putting up way-finding signs in order to direct traffic around the construction sites on campus. They have extensively planned the project with the college, city, and county. The storm water management had been a challenging part of the project since currently all the water on the quad (~5 acres) is drained to one spot between Farinon and Pardee. The SWM plans have been approved.

During the first stage, the construction staging areas will be set up. They will be the plot between Pardee, Farinon, and Watson courts and the plot between Skillman, Markle, and Kirby Hall. During the second stage, the construction site will extend pathway in front of Farinon running until the front of Hogg. High Street will become a one-way (east-west) road during the construction. During the third stage, the entirety of the quad will be under construction. A pedestrian pathway will be opened between Pardee and Farinon across the quad during this stage of construction. Step four will condense the area on the quad being worked on. All areas worked on during stages 1-2 will be complete and opened before stage 4 is started. A small parking lot will be added at the end of Clinton Terrace between Farinon and Pardee. Clinton Terrace will be widened to make room for 2-way traffic.

Work will be started on 5/21/12 and stopped for certain dates like holidays and other major Lafayette events like move-in, homecoming, and Lafayette vs. Lehigh. Weather is the biggest schedule-impacting issue going into the project. The current schedule runs from 5/21/12 until 11/21/12 (weather dependent). During the entire construction process there will be a lot of fencing and signs around campus, and increased noise. The quad will be mostly unusuable for most of the fall semester. For more information please see &

Caroline Lang – President

-       Softball game with The Lafayette is rescheduled to this Sunday (weather permitting)

-       Met with My Easton Project. It looks with a subway map of restaurants, with a discount card on the back.

-       Sent in administrator award nominations

-       We are currently members of the American Student Government Association, considering not renewing this membership. Membership is $300 a year

-       Next week we will be meeting Thursday at 7pm (due to the Biden lecture)

-       Will be discussing with President Weiss about the Presidential Ball, specifically funding sources

Sarah Roberts – Vice President

- Finished selection for student-faculty committees

Mahmoud Djindjev – Treasurer          

-       Extended budget week is happening

-       Allocated to ~80-90% of clubs and big ticket items (like spring concert), waiting to budget for supplemental allocations and some major clubs

-       Will be voting next week on yearly budget allocation

Cody Zaccagnino – Secretary

- Nothing to report

Michael Prisco – Academic Affairs

-       Finished superior teaching award

-       Met with Bob Massa regarding communications presentation

-       Will meet with John Shaw in the library/ITS department to aid with archiving and digitalization

James Kugel – Campus Student Services

- Nothing to report

Georgia Papagianis – Multicultural Affairs

-       Will be attending LINC and ISA meetings

-       Ordered stugov t-shirts, waiting on finalization of the logo

Kiefer Cortez-Mecham – Representation

-       Started special election for Sean’s replacement, will be online by tomorrow (the link is currently broken now, election will go online as soon as link is fixed)

-       Motion to move the election to the beginning of next semester

    Second: Caroline
    Motion carries

Connor Heinlein – Student Life

- Nothing to report

Warren Szewczyk – Student Organizations

-       Extended budget week(s)

-       Student organizations committee will be meeting to update officer forms for clubs

Adam Chernicoff – Regular Representative

- Nothing to report

David Kafafian – Regular Representative

- Spoke to Tommaso, meeting with him to get together a student-alumni group/club

Kelly Sposato – Regular Representative

- Nothing to report

Kathryn Tanenbaum – Regular Representative

- Will be attending library ambassadors meeting

Pam Brewer – Faculty Advisor

-       Pursued details on Pennsylvania state law regarding needing photo identification with expiration date to vote. Lafayette IDs are acceptable for photo identification, but a month and year of graduation (year alone is inadequate) printed on the card would suffice as an expiration date. For anyone whom needs a new Lafayette ID to vote, the college may be able to replace the card free or at a minimum charge. Working on making this process as easy and simple as possible. These new ID cards will be available before next semester.

-       A sticker on the ID card was also considered, but there are concerns about using a sticker instead of updating the card (sticker could be pulled off)

-       Received email from Mitch Wein about the consideration to expand the upper Farinon dining room onto the west balcony to the interior

Motion to adjourn meeting

Motion: Caroline

Second: Adam

Motion Carries

The meeting was adjourned at 7:39 pm

Faithfully Submitted,

Cody Daniel Zaccagnino