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Press Clipping: Amarillo College focusing on civic engagement during "101 Reasons - 1 Week|1Vote" event


AC focusing on civic engagement during "101 Reasons - 1 Week|1Vote" event

By Matthew Watkins
March 18th 2019

AMARILLO, Texas (KVII) — Ramping up civic engagement and voter awareness will be focal points when Amarillo College presents "101 Reasons - 1 Week|1Vote" from March 25 through March 29 on the Washington Street Campus.

Events on Monday through Thursday will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Oeschger Family Mall, while the Friday event, featuring guest speaker and leadership trainer Dave Kelly, is from 12 p.m. until 2 p.m. in the College Union Building, Oak Room.

A different emphasis of civic engagement and/or voter participation will be featured each day, beginning Monday, March 25, with Adopt an Issue Day.

The daily focus throughout "101 Reasons - 1 Week|1Vote" will be:

  • Monday – Adopt an Issue Day, an opportunity for student organizations to present issues of concern to their specific groups.
  • Tuesday – Engage an Issue Day, when local non-profits visit the campus to interact with students.
  • Wednesday – Canvas the Issue Day, featuring interactive opportunities through which students can express why they intend to vote.
  • Thursday – A Voter Registration Drive.
  • Friday – Learning Through Service, featuring guest speaker Dave Kelly, an associate member of and keynote speaker for the American Student Government Association.

"What we're calling ‘101 Reasons – 1 Week|1 Vote' is an effort to increase student engagement in local issues, government and elections," said Aaron Faver, instructor of social sciences.

"All week long, students will be given the opportunity to focus on a range of local challenges and issues, register to vote, and we will have a guest speaker to finish off the week on Friday. The College," he said, "is absolutely dedicated to raising voter turnout in future elections."

For more information about the activities related to "101 Reasons - 1 Week|1Vote" contact Faver at (806) 371-5193.