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ASGA Represented at Peace One Day event in London, UK


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ASGA Represented at Peace One Day event in London, UK

On Monday, February 28, I had the opportunity to represent the ASGA and the United States at the Peace One Day Global Truce launch event in London, UK. Peace One Day is an organization that advocates for peace each year on September 21. This year, Peace One Day is marking September 21, 2012 with a Global Truce event across the world in an effort to see the largest reduction in violence on one day and to see the largest number of people coming together in the name of peace.

At the Global Truce launch event on Monday, there were nine students representing each continent in the world. There were representatives from Brazil, the UK, Switzerland, Denmark, South Africa, Indonesia, Asia, Australia, and the United States. When we arrived in the morning, we were briefed by Jeremy Gilley, the founder of Peace One Day. He introduced the history of his project and what we could expect for the day. After the briefing, a photo session was held with Jeremy, Jude Law, and each student  representative. Jude Law has been an advocate of Peace One Day since the very beginning, so he was invited to come speak at this event. After the photo shoot, we moved into the press conference and commitment part of the event. Jeremy explained to the press what to expect and then Jude announced his support of the campaign. The students then had the opportunity to stand up and make a statement of support for the Global Truce campaign. When my opportunity came to speak, I stood up and announced my personal support of the campaign and how the ASGA will provide me with the tools to get this movement across the United States. The day wrapped up with a Google Hangout. People from around the world were able to join our hangout and ask questions about the organization and the campaign.

It is my responsibility as the American representative to take what I learned and to spread it across the United States to other colleges and universities. The ASGA has agreed to help me with this project by giving me contact to all of it's members and to every student government across the US. I have already formed an action team here in La Crosse, WI with students, professors, key business leaders, and government officials. We will be focusing on sending this movement across the Unites States, getting press and legislation work done, and then planning a large event to mark the Global Truce. I have included several links below to give you more information about Peace One Day, the Global Truce, and some of the events that happened while I was in London. If you are interested in being part of this movement, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Peace One Day Intro:

Global Truce:

Josh's Commitment Speech (pardon my allergies):


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