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The SG Consulting Group

ASGA Platinum Sponsor - The SG Consulting Group, an ASGA affiliated firm ASGA Members receive a 25-percent discount on The SG Consulting Group's fees.
The SG Consulting Group is an advisory, analysis, and training firm comprised of the nation's top specialists in the area of student governance on college campuses nationwide.

The SG Consulting Group was founded by several of the senior administrators of the American Student Government Association, the national organization serving SG leaders and advisors.

One of the most important and useful resources ASGA members enjoy is personal and private consulting to help them improve and enhance their Student Governments. The SG Consulting Group is focused on analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of our SG clients, then providing guidance and constructive suggestions about how to make lasting positive improvements and changes.> Many college and university administrators seek the counsel of outside consultants and analysts to help them grow in their expertise. Student Governments deserve to have the same educational and professional support that The SG Consulting Group provides. We are totally and exclusively focused on Student Governments.

The SG Consulting Group is committed to creating more effective and influential Student Governments nationwide.

You are cordially invited to bring The SG Consulting Group to your campus to help you improve and enhance your Student Government. Our firm offers significant experience and knowledge and most assuredly can help your organization and institution.

Please contact The SG Consulting Group by phone or e-mail to schedule your personalized consultant visit.

The SG Consulting Group
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 14081, Gainesville, FL 32604-2081
Toll-free: 1-877-275-2742
Fax: 352-373-8120

Web: The SG Consulting Group