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Campus Harmony, Inc.

The Campus Harmony, Inc. Staff has developed a college program built upon a model of pro-active peacemaking and anger and conflict resolution.  We train student leaders in developing relationship building competencies based on a philosophy of peace, open communication, diversity and integrity.  Our training establishes a safe pathway for student leaders to process problems in their organizations and throughout the college community in a way that all students and staff can understand and readily engage, and gives them the specific skill set necessary to address those problems.  We are not attempting to certify students as professional mediators, but only to provide them with the skills necessary to peacefully resolve conflict.

Being able to deal with conflict can only enhance the academic experiences of student leaders.  Our philosophy and training emphasize the fact that student leadership positions are not about the offices students hold, but are about their ability to relate to people and deal with anger and conflict effectively.  As student leaders, they must have the abilities to influence outcomes and inspire others.  We train student leaders to peacefully inspire and influence those outcomes!

Dr. Audrey Newsome
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