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Do You Get Paid?

Did you know that more than 77% of elected SG leaders get paid to serve? They receive salaries, tuition waivers, scholarships, stipends, computers, cell phones, reserved parking, concert tickets, clothing allowances, class credit, and more.

But why should Student Government officers receive even a dime of student fee money? Shouldn't they volunteer selflessly?

What about students who have to work to pay for college? They probably can’t get involved in SG without picking up a paycheck.

And what student leaders who have great responsiblity and SGs with multi-million dollar budgets? Isn’t it desirable to attract the best students without regard to their financial means?

While there's no correct answer to these questions in the "great pay debate," ASGA's research has uncovered some clear trends over the past two decades:

  • More than 77% (was 71% 10 years ago) of schools nationwide offer some sort of compensation.
  • Among state universities, 85.88% of elected officers earn salaries.
  • At private colleges, 54.11% (was 57.5% 10 years ago) pay their officers stipends
  • 45.68% (was 65.71% 10 years ago) of community colleges offer tuition waivers or scholarships.
  • The larger the enrollment, the more likely the schools are to pay: of the smallest schools (1,000 students), just 30% compensate their officers, while 87% of the big schools (over 30,000 students) pay.

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What is the SG Salary Survey?

It is the only ongoing national review of compensation paid to elected SG officers and members at colleges and universities

More than 824 colleges and universities (nearly 17% of the nation's institutions) have participated.



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