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Every college and university in the nation is included in the SG Database, which includes their enrollment, type, student profile, religious affiliation, city, state, political leanings, city size, and other parameters.

You do not have to be an ASGA member to complete this survey

Please complete and submit the online form below OR download and fill out the PDF version. Then either 1) print out and FAX the completed PDF form to 352-373-8120 or 2) email the completed PDF form to You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader to view, fill out and save the form.
ASGA MEMBERS: Before completing this survey, login and check your institution's profile in the SG Database. ASGA may already have the information you're providing.

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Main School Web Address:
Description (two or three paragraphs about your institution, its history, what it's known for, strengths & weaknesses, and unique aspects):
Type and Affiliation:
School's Actual Enrollment (total enrollment and full-time enrollment):
School's Size and Mobility:
  • Residential campus—While there is no set percentage that makes up a “residential campus,” a critical mass (usually at least 20 percent) of students live in on-campus college owned or controlled housing including residence halls, apartments, family and graduate housing, and Greek housing. They may also live very nearby campus in institution-owned or operated housing.
  • Commuter campus— most or all students do not live in on-campus housing, but instead live in “off-campus” housing of all types including high-density apartments, condominiums, duplexes, houses, and trailers. Commuter students commonly arrive on campus in personal vehicles parking in commuter lots or by bike, mass transit, or foot. A true commuter campus does not have any on-campus housing.
  • Suitcase campus— Most or all students living on-campus or off-campus go “home” on the weekends to work or to be with their families and friends. Additionally, the institution may not offer many on-campus activities or services.
  • Population Breakdown:
    Predominant Racial Make-up:
    General Political Classification of the Overall Campus:
    Religious Affiliation (if any):
    Size of the College City/Town:

    • If every field marked "REQUIRED" is not filled out upon form submission, all previously-entered data may be lost, and the form may need to be filled out again.
    • Although the CAPTCHA code is shown in capital letters, any capital letter typed will be changed to lowercase before submission.
    • If you receive an "incorrect CAPTCHA code" error upon submission, click the "go back" button under the error message and generate a new CAPTCHA code by clicking the button to the right of the code. Type in the new code generated and resend.
    • Form submission can take up to a minute to process. Please be patient.

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    American Student Government Association  

    The American Student Government Association will provide all Student Government leaders and advisors nationwide with networking, research, and information resources and will teach them how to become more effective, ethical, and influential leaders on their campuses. ASGA also will promote the advancement of SGs, conduct research as the nation’s only “SG Think Tank,” and advocate the importance of having a vibrant, autonomous Student Government organization at every institution in America.

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