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Large Colleges & Universities

Student Governments on large campuses are often complex organizations that offer a multitude of services and activities. These SGs also have more "manpower potential" than smaller schools, since higher enrollment increases the number of possible SG members.

However, at larger institutions, football games, fraternities and sororities, and a host of other diversions provide other avenues for students to get involved on campus. Having so many activities going on concurrently makes it that much more challenging for an SG to reach out to students and grab their attention.

ASGA's staff and panel of experts include former student leaders and current advisors from large campuses—professionals with extensive experience in dealing with the issues you face every day. We can help you make SG "relevant" on campus by:


1. Improving Your Image and Credibility. Students often don't realize how much SG does on their behalf. Boost awareness and opinions of SG across campus through a strategic outreach plan including public appearances, advertising, and marketing. ASGA can show you how to better promote your programs and improve coverage in your campus press, which will make your organization more visible and effective.

2. Helping You Develop an Agenda and Focus. The student body and administration lose respect for SG when officers make bold promises and then can't follow through to execute them. ASGA can map out feasible short- and long-term goals for your organization that, once accomplished, will demonstrate that SG "does something" on campus. Striking the appropriate balance between short-term projects (such as creating a new "tangible" benefit for students) and long-term ones (such as working toward building a new recreation center) will help you gain respect and influence, improving your image but also providing more political capital to tackle the more challenging, long-term projects.

3. Increasing Recruitment and Retention. ASGA can help you devise strategies to bring aboard new members from incoming and current students, such as emphasizing the valuable job-related skills they can gain through SG positions. We'll also show you how to keep your current officers and members involved and interested in SG business, including techniques for making meetings more efficient and tips on using parliamentary procedure to your advantage.

4. Providing Resources to Increase Election Turnout. Because of the low visibility or depleted image that many large-school SGs have, they often struggle with turnout at their elections. How can SG be taken seriously as the "official student voice" if most students don't vote for your SG representatives? With online voting, new marketing campaigns, strong PR, and other techniques, you can improve turnout and capture the administration's attention in the process.

5. Enhancing Administrator Relations. We offer strategies to improve your SG's relationship with administrators and faculty, from proper etiquette to reopening lines of communication. You'll learn how "friendly" your administrators are to your organization and will understand your current "place" on campus so you can make realistic plans for the year. ASGA also encourages SGs to find a voice on all school-wide committees and boards, allowing you to become a collaborative partner in determining the focus of your college or university.


6. Improving SG Finances. Having a large budget (as many large-school SGs do) doesn't necessarily make your job any easier, as you often have to divide that among numerous projects and student organizations. Allocating funds fairly and efficiently, as well as making them stretch as far as possible, will improve your credibility with students and the administration. ASGA can also help you make a case for more funding, get better control of the funds you do have, and gain funding authority over other student-run organizations (if you don't have it already).

7. Connecting You With a Vast Peer Network. Through the SG Database, conferences, and online forums, you'll be able to communicate and share ideas with peers at institutions across the country. You can increase your authority on issues by developing coalitions with nearby SGs and "like" institutions. Through these networking contacts, you can also learn about best practices and successful "signature programs"—services that address your student body's needs and desires and make SG seem "relevant" to your constituents.

8. Providing Organizational Evaluations and Research Assistance. ASGA can analyze your strengths, weaknesses, governing documents, SG structure, as well as any institution-specific problems you're having. Based on our knowledge of trends and precedent, we can provide feedback via phone or e-mail, or our "SG Consulting Group" subsidiary can personally visit your campus, conduct a detailed examination, and offer guidance and recommendations. In addition, you can save a great deal of time, money, and effort by letting ASGA conduct research for you on SG-related issues.

9. Enhancing Transition Plans and Materials. To succeed on major initiatives (such as building a new student center), your SG has to continue the work of predecessors, rather than retreading old ground over and over again. Effective transition materials will document what you're supposed to do, what was done last year, and the progress you've already made on projects. Shadowing programs and communicating progress to your advisor will also provide some continuity from one year to the next, allowing you to move forward on mulit-year commitments.

10. Training Your Members and Advisor. Attend our training workshops so that your SG officers, members, and advisors will be more prepared for the year ahead and won't waste any time. ASGA also offers networking opportunities at our conferences, as well as the chance to present your own research and experiences in front of your peers.


American Student Government Association  

The American Student Government Association will provide all Student Government leaders and advisors nationwide with networking, research, and information resources and will teach them how to become more effective, ethical, and influential leaders on their campuses. ASGA also will promote the advancement of SGs, conduct research as the nation’s only “SG Think Tank,” and advocate the importance of having a vibrant, autonomous Student Government organization at every institution in America.

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