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East Central University (ECU)
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Elections Fall Month: September
Elections Spring Month: April
Number of Election Days: 2
Times Polls Are Open: 8:30 am until 6:00 pm
Number of Polling Places: One (1)
Locations of Polling Places: University Center
Who Runs Elections: Elections Board

Description of SG Elections:

Section 5-3. Filing for Office

 Any qualified student may become a candidate for the office of President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer by filing with the Vice President for Student Development or his designee a statement of his candidacy within the filing period set forth by the Student Senate. Candidates for Class Representatives and Members at Large must file with the Vice President for Student Development or hi/her designee within the filing period set forth by Student Senate.

Section 5-4. Ballots

 Immediately after the expiration of the time for filing, the Secretary of the Student Senate shall have prepared a sufficient number of ballots for election.

Section 5-5. Opening of the Polls and Election of Officers

 A. On the day of the election the polls shall open at 8:30 a.m. and remain open until 6:00 p.m.

 B. At all times there shall be at each poll or polling place at least two (2) student Senators or appointed officials. A faculty/professional staff member shall be available at all times for assistance and consultations.

 Section 5-6. Election Procedures

 A. All elections shall be held in the University Center and/ or any other place designated by the Student Senate.

 B. The poll(s) shall be open during the scheduled time period for the regular election as stated in the constitution.

 C. There shall be someone operating the poll(s) at all times. All persons working the poll(s) must be appointed by the Student Senate.

 D. A person named on the ballot(s) may not work the polls.

 E. There shall be no campaigning within the University Center or within twenty- five (25) feet of any designated polling place. Those persons working the poll(s) shall in no way influence the cote of any person while working the polls.

 F. All ballots shall be placed in a ballot box at the time of voting. The ballot box may not be removed until the polls have closed.

 G. The Student Senate shall provide a list of all students to ensure that only enrolled East Central University students are to vote.

 H. After the ballots have been counted and certified by the Honor Court, they will be locked in the ballot box.

 I. All candidates have the right to call for a recount. The petition for recount must be made within forty- eight (48) hours after the poll(s) close.

 J. The petition for recount must be filed in the office of the Vice president for Student Development. All petitions for recount shall state the reason(s) for recount and will be accompanied by a $10.00 deposit. If the recount is in favor of the petitioner, the deposit shall be returned. If not the deposit is forfeit.

 K. If any irregularities occur during the voting, counting, or recounting of ballots, the Honor Court shall rule as to whether the election is valid.

 L. The Student Senate is responsible for ensuring that fair and justice election are held. Any Senator found guilty of willfully manipulating an election is such a manner that the final outcome is altered shall be impeached.

 M. All election results shall be posted on the Student Activities Office door the day after the election by the persons counting the ballots.

 N. In elections where one positions is being filled, if no candidate receives more than fifty (50) percent of the vote, there shall be a run-off election between the top two (2) candidates. This election will take place one (1) week after the date of the first election.

 O. In Representative election where two (2) positions are being filled, if the top two (2) candidates combined vote is over fifty (50) percent of the total vote, then no run –off will be required, if the top two candidates do not receive over fifty (50) percent of the vote, a run-off shall be held among the top three candidates, in the event of run-off, the election shall be held one week after the date of the first election.

Online Voting Offered: No

Candidate System: Individual
Candidate Recruiting Description:

Section 4-2. Qualifications for Office

A. To be eligible for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Class Representative, and Member at Large, a person must be enrolled as a full time student and certify the he or she plans to attend East Central University for the full term of office for which he or she seeks.

 B. To be eligible for President or Vice President, a student must have completed forty (40) semester hours and have had one (1) Senate experience unless an experience senator runs unopposed. In order to be eligible to run for Secretary or Treasurer, a student must have completed twelve (12) semester hours at the time of filing.

 C. To be eligible for any office, including Class Representative, a student must have at the time of filing, and must maintain a grade point average of 2.5 per semester on a 4.0 scale at East Central University. Freshman Representative shall be exempted from this rule. Freshman Representatives must have been admitted to the University on Good standing and must maintain a 2.5 throughout the term of office. Any senator not upholding his or her GPA requirement shall be expelled.

 D. Every Candidate, other than Freshman Representative, must have been a full- time student (12 hours undergraduate; 9 hours graduate) the semester immediately preceding the election.

 E. Class Representatives must meet the class qualifications by the beginning of the first full semester of their tenure in office.

 F. At Large representatives shall be defined in the following way:

 Minority Student – other than Caucasian as reported during the time of enrollment; commuter Student –  with a current address that is off campus; the candidate may not be a resident of campus housing;
Non – traditional Student- a student with a five (5) or more years absence in formal education after high school or previous formal  education enrollment; Campus Housing Student- a student who resides in a East Central University; Graduate Student- any student with at least a 3.0 grade point average, enrolled in a minimum of nine(9) hours, and admitted into an East Central University graduate program; Student with Disabilities- registered as having a disability with Student Support Services; Veteran’s Student—any student that is a military veteran and classified as such through ECU Office of Admissions and Records.

Term Length: One Year
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