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Ohio Northern University (ONU)
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Elections Fall Month: September
Elections Spring Month: April
Number of Election Days: 1
Number of Polling Places: One (1)
Who Runs Elections: Elections Board

Description of SG Elections:
Article III

Rules for Student Senate Elections A - General Rules:

a. A general election is an election for any Representative of Student Senate or for the election of President or Vice President.
b. Elections shall be held no later than the fifth week of Fall Semester for Housing Representatives and no later than the fourth week of Spring Semester for College Representatives and the President and Vice President. Housing Representatives and College Representatives take office immediately following the week of their election. The President and Vice President shall take office no later than the sixth week of Spring Semester.
c. All qualified candidates are obliged to comply with all applicable federal, state, local, and campus ordinances.
d. All qualified candidates and their Representatives will maintain a minimum distance of ten feet from their designated polling places, except when voting.
e. All candidates are to be considered by the Judicial Committee to be the head of their campaign, and therefore are responsible to the committee for the conduct of their campaign.
f. Any infraction of the Student Senate Judicial Committee rules may result in the disqualification of the candidate from the election.
g. Any appeals by the candidate will be brought before the Student Senate Judicial Committee. All appeals must be made in writing.
h. Campaign rules will be approved by Student Senate’s General Assembly before each election and will be distributed to candidates by the Secretary of Judicial Affairs

Online Voting Offered: No
Online Voting Description:
Article III

B. Voting

a. Voting will be conducted online in coordination with the Student Senate Technology Chair.
b. A link will be provided on the Student Senate web site for students to vote.
c. A voting poll with computers will be set up at locations, times, and dates to be determined by the Student Senate Secretary of Judicial Affairs and approved by the Student Senate General Assembly.
d. In the event of a technology failure, voting will be conducted by paper following this procedure:
    i. The transportation of the ballots (marked and unmarked) and the ballot box will be handled by a Judicial Committee member or Cabinet member who is not a candidate at the beginning and end of each election day. The Secretary of Judicial Affairs is to see that all ballots (marked and unmarked) are securely placed and locked in the Student Affairs office at the end of each day.
    ii. Eligible voters will be listed in a registration booklet. The student’s name wishing to vote will be checked in the registration booklet.
    iii. The voter will be handed the ballot and given voting instructions. iv. The voter will place his/her completed ballot in the appropriate ballot box.

Candidate System: Individual

Term Length: One Year
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