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Contra Costa College (CCC)
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Elections Fall Month: September
Elections Spring Month: May
Number of Election Days: 1
Number of Polling Places: One (1)
Who Runs Elections: Elections Board

Description of SG Elections:
Election Code: Article VII
Section 1: General Election

a. The Executive member seats of President and Vice President(s) may be filled at the general election to be held annually in accordance with the approved ASU Election Code.

b. General Elections shall be held in 9th week of the spring semester. Candidacies must be submitted on or before the 6th week of the spring semester.

c. A candidate who has officially gone through the petitioning process may request for a reimbursement of no more than $50 for his or her campaign expenses i.e. posters, flyers, advocate ads. If candidate is under financial hardship; see student life coordinator.

Online Voting Offered: Yes
Online Voting System Used: Other
Online Voting Description:
Votes collected by Survey Monkey and Google.

Candidate System: Individual
Candidate Recruiting Description:
In our Election Code, we have a set limit, that is every low $100.00. All candidates must attend a candidate meeting to go over election rules, including the spending limit.  They also have to submit all of their receipts and any contribution value to the Election Committee. We have never had a problem with this so we may not be the best judge!

Section 3: Mandatory Specifications for Executive Candidates.
A. Submit a completed ASUCCC Application form to the Student Life Center by the application deadline.

B. Be a current ASUCCC Board member in good standing.

C. Be enrolled in at least five (5) units at Contra Costa College, and must be intending to enroll for next semester.

D. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0, be a student in good standing, and not on social or academic probation.E. Attend one of the mandatory candidates meetings. Any candidate not able to attend at least one of these meetings must arrange an alternate time to meet with at least two members of the ASUCCC Election Committee.

F. Understand and sign the document entitled “The Rules and Regulations of the ASUCCC Election Committee”.

G. Adhere to the following campaign regulations:

1. Campaigning shall be defined as activities including dissemination of printed campaign and or ballot issue material, public statements for or against any candidate or ballot issues. The actions of any candidate, member of the ASU Board, the ICC any Contra Costa club or any other campus organization, done in the course of discharging her/his duties associated with that organization, shall not be considered campaigning.

2. Campaign conduct

a. Candidates may begin campaigning on the official campaigning start date as determined by the election committee. Campaigning at any other time shall be grounds for disqualification. Campaigning shall consist of flyers, posters, giveaways, any other form of public advertising, or public speaking regarding a candidates running in the ASUCCC election.

b. No candidate shall interfere with the campaign of any other candidate, nor shall they interfere with the dissemination of information by any student publication. Failure to obey this provision shall be grounds for disqualification.

c. No candidate shall use any club, ICC, ASUCCC, or college resource not normally provided to the general student body for campaigning purposes. This includes computers, paper, printers, printer, copier, ASUCCC office, chambers, pens, general office supplies or anything else as deemed by the election

d. Each candidate may campaign for only one executive office. Candidates may not form slates.

e. Any attempt by a candidate to subvert the election shall be grounds for disqualification as determined by the election committee.

f. Any actions of a candidate that impedes a member of the ASUCCC Elections Committee or a poll watcher in the discharge of their duties shall be grounds for disqualification.

g. No candidate shall publish or post campaign materials featuring factually inaccurate information about any ASUCCC candidate, their actions, or their endorsements.

h. Any deliberate violation of any ruling of the ASUCCC Elections Committee shall be grounds for disqualification.

i. A plea of ignorance shall not be considered valid defense to an infraction of any ruling of the ASUCCC Elections Committee or the ASUCCC Election Code.

j. Disqualification may only be based on violation of rules specified in the ASUCCC Election Code or on rulings of the ASUCCC Election Committee. However, the ASUCCC Election Committee shall have the discretion to determine the applicability or enforceability of any reported or discovered violations.

k. All candidate materials containing individual views, agendas, and policies must be candidate specific and must contain their name and position. All candidate campaign material must list candidate specific information.

3. Posting of Campaign material

a. Campaign materials must be posted according to the CCC College regulations for bulletin board posting.

b. No campaign material may be posted outside of the CCC campus.

c. Candidates shall remove all signs, posters, and/or displays within forty-eight (48) hours of notification of the official closing of the General Election. Failure to do so may result in the college imposing fines for clean up and a hold on candidates records.

d. Violations of these provisions shall be grounds for disqualification.

4. Campaigning on Election Days

a. Prior to the opening of the computer poll site the poll watchers shall remove all campaign materials and all student publications containing endorsements that are clearly visible and legible from within fifty feet of the polling site.

b. Any campaigning or distribution of student publications within fifty (50) feet of an open polling site shall be grounds for disqualification.

5. Campaign Expense Limits

a. Each candidate shall not spend more than $ (amount determined by Election Committee) on campaign materials for the General Election. Any donated materials will be assessed at full retail value and clearly itemized as part of this limit.

b. Each candidate shall submit an expenditure report, which must include:

All receipts clearly itemizing personal funds and donations
All sources of gifts, donations and other services
The ASUCCC Election Committee shall review all candidate expenditure reports prior to official certification of the General Election. Any substantial inaccuracies in an expenditure report shall be grounds for disqualification.

6. Student Club, Organization, and Associated Endorsements

a. Student Clubs, organizations and associations at CCC may endorse and campaign for ASUCCC Candidates, but only after having turned in a completed Endorsement of ASUCCC Candidate form to the Student Life Center.

b. ASUCCC candidates and student clubs, organizations, and associations may not claim or publicize endorsements until and unless the endorsing group has turned in an Endorsement of ASUCCC Candidate form.

Campaign Spending Limit Range: Less than $250
Campaign Spending Limit Actual: $100

Term Length: One Year
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