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Voter Turnout Trend: Rapid increase
Voter Turnout % Range: 20-40%
Voter Turnout % Actual: 18% (fall 2013); 20% (spring 2013); 33% (10,644 votes in Spring 2012); 20% (spring 2011); 15% (7,692 votes in spring 2007); 22% (10,155 in spring 2006)

Elections Fall Month: September
Elections Spring Month: February
Number of Election Days: 2
Days Elections Held: Tuesday, Wednesday
Times Polls Are Open: 8:30a.m. to 8:30p.m.
Number of Polling Places: Ten (10)
Locations of Polling Places: Reitz Union, Southwest Recreation Center, Springs Complex, Veterinary Medicine Academic Building, Marston Science Library, Broward Hall, Jennings Hall, Murphree Hall, CSE building and the Levin College of Law.
Who Runs Elections: Elections Board

Description of SG Elections:
Spring 2011 Elections:
The University of Florida still uses a paper-and-pencil ballot system where students can go to the polls at different locations on campus. The president and vice president run on a single ticket together, so if one wins, they both win. Following along with the average, UF had a 20 percent turnout in elections this year.

Student Government elections are held in the Spring and Fall of each year. The Executive Branch and Senators (by College) are elected in the Spring. In the Fall, Senators are elected according to living areas (on campus, off campus and family housing).

To qualify to run in the elections, a student must fill out the appropriate forms with the Supervisor of Elections. Campaigning usually starts a few days after the informational meeting. A student can run as an independent candidate or they can slate with a party.

The Student Body President, Vice President, Treasurer, Honor Code Chancellor are elected in the Spring. These officers serve on a one year term. Voting takes place for two days at various polling locations on campus. Student must have a photo ID to vote and know their UF ID number or have their Gator 1 card. Qualifying is held for three days during each election cycle; you may check back here for dates.  



Section 1. Qualifications to vote.—The Student Body, as defined by Article II Section 1, shall comprise the electorate. Each member of the electorate shall be entitled to vote in Student Body elections.

Section 2. Fall general election.—The fall general election shall occur on the Tuesday and Wednesday of the sixth week of the fall term.

Section 3. Spring general election.—The first day of the spring general election shall be the last Tuesday in February and the second day shall be the succeeding calendar day.

Section 4. Spring run-off election.—The spring run-off election shall occur on the Tuesday and Wednesday immediately after the spring general election. A conflict exists where the spring run-off election can not be the Tuesday and Wednesday after the spring general election. All ballots cast for any person other than the authorized candidates in the run-off election shall be disqualified.

Section 5. Election conflicts.—If any hour of any day of a general or run-off election conflicts with a religious or school holiday or if any other conflict exists, the student senate shall, by resolution, designate different days for the affected election or elections.

Section 6. Validation of election results.—The student senate shall validate general and run-off elections no later than 10 school days after the last day of the final election in an election cycle.

Section 7. Time of assuming office.—

(a) Campus wide officers elected in the spring general election in races requiring a majority vote shall assume office at 8:00 p.m. on May 1 and shall serve one year.

(b) Student senators shall assume office at the first meeting following validation by the student senate.

Online Voting Offered: Yes
Online Voting System Used: Developed the system through the school's IT/MIS department
Online Voting Description:
The Fall 2011 Student Government Senate elections were the first time SG implemented the new electronic voting system. Students were able to vote on computers at 11 on-campus polling locations.

Candidate System: Political Parties
Candidate Recruiting Description:
Section 8. Qualifications for Office.—Unless a more restrictive standard is stated in the constitution, to be eligible for an office within student government, a student must have and maintain an overall 2.0 grade point average on all work attempted as a member of the Student Body and conform to all requirements imposed by the Office of Student Activities. Candidates for the offices of student body president, student body vice president, and student body treasurer shall have completed a minimum of three academic semesters, excluding summer semesters, at the University of Florida.

Groups Controlling SG Elections: Political Group, Greeks

Term Length: One Year
Term Period: 8:00 p.m. on May 1
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