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Holy Cross College (HC)
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Voter Turnout % Actual: 60%

Elections Fall Month: September
Elections Spring Month: March
Number of Election Days: 1
Number of Polling Places: One (1)
Who Runs Elections: Elections Board

Description of SG Elections:
Members of the SGA are appointed by campus-wide elections, which are held every spring semester, with the exemption of freshman representatives, who run for candidacy in an exclusive fall election. Members of the Programming Board are appointed by the Office of Student Programming through an application and interview process.

Election Rules & Procedures

  1. Candidates for Executive offices shall complete an approved application, which will be made available by the SGA Election Committee at least 3 weeks prior to each election cycle.
  2. Applications must be returned by the deadline set by the SGA Election Committee for review.
  3. Campaigning may be held only over a period specified by the Election Committee. Campaigning consists of any public contact for the solicitation of votes. Personal appearances, placement of posters, or distributions of any election materials is considered campaigning. Any campaigning before or after the specified period is a violation of campaign rules.
  4. The voting will be conducted by secret ballot. Write- in candidates may be voted upon.
  5. The candidate obtaining the simple majority (50%+1) shall be the winner.
  6. If no simple majority is achieved, or if there is a tie, then there shall be a run-off as follows:
  7. If no one person receives a simple majority of votes cast, and if there are three or more candidates, the top two candidates will have a run off. The others shall be dropped. This procedure is repeated until a person receives a simple majority (50%+1) of votes.
  8. If there are two candidates left and neither receives a simple majority, another ballot is cast. If neither has the simple majority, a simple majority of the Executive Body, by secret discussion and ballot, will decide who will be the executive.
  9. Upon election, the winning candidates shall become officers.

Online Voting Offered: No

Candidate System: Individual

Term Length: One Year
American Student Government Association  

The American Student Government Association will provide all Student Government leaders and advisors nationwide with networking, research, and information resources and will teach them how to become more effective, ethical, and influential leaders on their campuses. ASGA also will promote the advancement of SGs, conduct research as the nation’s only “SG Think Tank,” and advocate the importance of having a vibrant, autonomous Student Government organization at every institution in America.

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