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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University/Prescott (ERAU)
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Voter Turnout Trend: Gradual decrease
Voter Turnout % Range: 10-20%
Voter Turnout % Actual: 18% in Spring 2016

Elections Fall Month: September
Elections Spring Month: February
Number of Election Days: 2
Days Elections Held: Wednesday, Thursday
Number of Polling Places: Two (2)
Locations of Polling Places: AC1; Student Union
Who Runs Elections: Elections Board

Description of SG Elections:
1. General
The general election for all elected SGA officials shall be conducted no later than one (1) month before the first day of spring finals. Specific dates for elections must be determined and announced by the Election Committee no later than the third week in January.

2. Election Committee
The Student Council shall appoint an Election Commissioner at the beginning of each spring semester. The Election Commissioner may not run for office in the upcoming elections and s/he shall be responsible for:

1. Appointing and heading an elections committee which will be responsible for setting up, running, and validating all elections. This committee must be approved by the Representative Council and shall not consist of any members running for office and shall include two non SGA members.

2. Seeing that all elected and appointed officers meet and maintain all criteria and qualification requirements.

A. The Election Committee shall coordinate the validation of nominating petitions. The petitions shall include the student’s name, ID number, position desired, and fifty (50) student signatures with respective ERAU box numbers.

B. The Election Committee shall have the authority to institute any regulations necessary for the conduct of the election.

C. The Election Committee will keep a file containing committee procedures and election results and will submit an evaluation report to the SGA for the reference of future committees. This shall be kept in the SGA office file under “Elections”.

D. It shall be mandatory for the Elections Committee Chair to report in person at each SGA meeting during his/her tenure of the actions and progress of the Committee.

E. Tenure of the Election Committee Chair terminates after the installation ceremony of the incoming Student Council.

4. Voting and Tabulation

A. All full and part-time students are eligible to vote in the general election. All students must show their ERAU student ID card to vote. Each voter may vote for up to 6 candidates in the Representative elections, and one candidate for each Executive Council position.

B. The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected by the candidate receiving the plurality of the votes.

C. Candidates shall appear on the ballot in the order they turned in their election packet.

D. Six representatives shall be elected: 1 College of Arts and Sciences, 1 College of Engineering, 1 College of Aviation and 3 representatives at large. If there is not a candidate from each college, each unfilled position will be open for a representative at large.

E. For elections, each voting member of the student body shall receive a ballot containing all of the candidates. Next to the candidates name shall appear the candidates’ respective college. Students are not required to vote for candidates from their college, but are encouraged to vote for at least one candidate from their respective college. Three representatives shall be elected by the candidate from each college with the most votes. The three representatives at large shall be elected by the three remaining candidates with the most votes.

F. In the case of a tie, a runoff election shall be held to break the tie within one week, with only the tying candidates on the ballot.

G. There shall be no write-in candidates on the ballot.

H. Ballots are to be tabulated immediately following the closing of the elections on the final day. The Election Committee and a SGA Advisor or his/her designee must be present to assist in tabulation and validation of ballots.

I. The Dean of Students’ Office shall retain all completed ballots for thirty (30) days.

J. A mass e-mail will be sent to the student body announcing the winning candidates. Election numbers will be posted in the SGA office, this will occur within 24 hours of the polling places closing.

5. Campaign Procedures
All candidates shall adhere to the following campaign procedures:

A. All campaign posters, signs, pamphlets, etc. must be approved and stamped or signed by the Office of Student Activities, or they will be removed. They must comply with the posting procedures set forth by the Office of Student Activities.

B. No campaigning will begin until the day following the candidate meeting.

C. There will be no campaigning in, on, or within thirty (30) feet of the polling place, or within the line of sight of the polling place, during voting hours. This includes posters signs, pamphlets, etc.

D. Campaigning must be done individually. No more than one candidate’s name may appear on a campaigning article or object.

6. Term of Office
The term of office for newly elected Student Council officials shall begin on the third to last SGA meeting. On the third to last meeting the old members will perform their duties during the meeting. On the second to last meeting the new and old members shall share the duties of the position they hold during the meeting. On the last meeting of the semester, the new members shall perform the duties of the position they hold during the meeting.

A. Elected officers shall hold office for one (1) year and shall be re-elected or superseded at the next general elections.

B. All remaining meetings after the general elections in the spring semester shall be attended by both the old and newly elected members. Only the old members shall have voting privileges until the third to last meeting, at which time both the old and the newly elected members shall have voting privileges.

C. No later than the final meeting of the semester a temporary Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be appointed and approved to fill any vacancies of these positions during the summer sessions. These temporary positions shall be terminated at the last regular meeting of the summer sessions.

D. The final meeting of the spring semester shall accomplish the transferring of office powers and responsibilities from the old to the newly elected members.

7. Position Vacancy

A. Any student may submit an application for any vacant position(s) in accordance with the Constitution of the SGA.

B. The President shall nominate who s/he feels is best qualified for the vacant position(s).

C. The Executive and Representative Council shall vote on who should be appointed to the vacant position(s). The Vice-President has the tie-breaking vote.

D. A majority vote must exist in order for the appointee to be appointed to the vacant position.

1. Council has the option to deem “no qualified candidate” and re-open the search.

Online Voting Offered: Yes
Online Voting System Used: Developed the system through the school's IT/MIS department
Online Voting Description:

Candidate System: Individual
Candidate Recruiting Description:
3. Elections

A. Each candidate must submit a petition to the Dean of Students’ Office that contains the signature of fifty (50) students supporting their candidacy at least one (1) week prior to the election.

B. The candidate names shall appear on the ballot in the order that their validated petitions are returned to the Dean of Students’ Office.

C. General elections shall be held to elect a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasure, and six (6) representatives.

D. President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall appear on the ballot separately.

1. Those running for an executive office must have completed 2 full semesters prior to their term (i.e. cannot run for an office in their first semester, either as a freshman filling a vacancy, or a transfer)

E. Candidates may only run as an individual and each candidate will appear on the ballot separately.

Term Length: One Year
Term Period: Begins on the third to last SGA meeting.
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